Becoming a non-traditional engineering student

I am something akin to the poster child for the non-traditional graduate student. Took a terminal M.S. in Nuclear Engineering to support my parents, moved across country and worked a handful of menial jobs until I wound up with a job tangentially related to my field at 25. Quit my job 5 years later to work on a PhD, but more twists and turns were in the offing.

Obviously, I’m not the first, nor will be the last, to want (badly) to change careers. Today’s blog concerns a dissatisfied car salesman who aspires to trade in his floor spiel for an engineering degree. Among his questions are: would attending a community college first and then attending San Jose State University hurt his chances for good engineering job? In other words, do you have to attend a prestigious school to get a decent engineering job?

The answer to the last question is, of course, no, but it’s never quite THAT straightforward. The original post can be found here